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Our Story

In 2023, a spark of inspiration ignited our journey. With extensive experience in the proprietary trading firm market, we observed a recurring challenge: the odds were heavily stacked against the trader. This insight led us to a pivotal decision – to establish our own proprietary trading firm. However, we didn't want to be just another firm in the market. Our vision was clear: to create a reliable and trader-centric firm, one that genuinely supports and guides traders on their financial journey.


Second Chance Idea

This ethos gave birth to our unique approach, the 'Second Chance' idea. We believe every trader deserves a fair opportunity to succeed, and our firm is committed to providing the tools, resources, and support needed to make this possible. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that with the right environment and backing, every trader can thrive. Welcome to our story, where your trading success is our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower traders by providing a unique "Second Chance" in the proprietary trading world. We strive to level the playing field with comprehensive education and resources, fostering a supportive community that values transparency and integrity. Our focus is on offering every trader, regardless of their past experiences, a fair opportunity to succeed and redefine their journey in the trading landscape.



Successful Trading

Meet the Founders

Behind FundedElite is a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing a unique expertise and passion for finance and technology.


Christian Habibi

Co-Founder & CEO


Artur S. Deshko

Co-Founder & COO

Our Culture

Our culture is deeply influenced by our co-CEOs, Christian Habibi and Artur Seriihovych Deshko. Christian began trading in 2016 while managing a pet product distribution chain in Italy. Artur, an IT expert and a blockchain expert started his trading journey in 2015. Childhood friends, they ventured into proprietary trading in 2020, constantly sharing insights and growing together.

This partnership underscores our firm's culture: collaboration, continuous improvement, and leveraging diverse expertise for collective success. Their shared journey inspires our approach, where every team member is encouraged to contribute, learn, and innovate, driving us towards empowering every trader to reach their full potential.